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What the best way to enjoy the Passion if not living it inside one the themed venues “Maranello il Ristorantino”? The concept of these official branded venues enclose and synthetize the essence of the City of Maranello, revealing habits, inspirations, sentiments and atmospheres every day lived in such a peculiar territory – Maranello and its people – which identifies and has been ever creating one of the most delightful excellences of the whole of Italy in the eyes of the world.


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A Maranello il Ristorantino immerses you in a pleasant atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy a sensation of lightness and freedom as you savour real Italian delicacies; a setting created using natural materials, attractive but simple, comfortable and very human in scale. The fundamental aspect of the success of this brand, Maranello made in red il ristorantino™ or for the sake of brevity simply named “Maranello il Ristorantino” (offspring of the original official brand of the City of Maranello, Maranello Made in Red with its registered trademark M made in red Maranello®), lies in its nature as a format, making it freely replicable on the strategic commercial locations of the world market and the main national and international shop fronts.


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This project is founded on totally authentic products and leverages the recognition world over of what is “obviously and naturally Italian”. All these products can be enjoyed singly or together at an accessible price, offering everyone the opportunity to experience the quality and virtues of the best Italian food through its great world champions: pizza, pasta, ice cream, and coffee. Maranello il Ristorantino strives to be the essence of a spontaneously Italian lifestyle, which finds its fullest representation in good food enjoyed as it should be: the art of combining good living with… a good lifestyle.

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It is the Worldwide Master Franchisor of the chain “Maranello il Ristorantino”.

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Made in Red S.r.l. Via Giuseppe Farina, 42 41053 Maranello - Modena, Italy Tel. +39 0536 944561 Fax +39 0536 942586

P.IVA IT02633710369 Capitale Sociale Euro 60.000 Iscritta al R.E.A. di Modena
n° MO-318442 del 04/04/2000