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Elegance blending with dynamism, Italian design with individual artistry, accuracy with imagination, good food with good feelings: all this is Maranello la Caffetteria. Starting from one of the top, well-known and most appreciated Italian product: coffee, particularly “espresso”. A strictly Italian and Maranello Made in Red branded excellence – “Maranello il caffè” – to enjoy “running” to the counter or slowly tasting on a sofa, maybe while reading a famous Italian novel or daydreaming with an outstanding Maranello and Ferrari photo story book. Each Maranello la Caffetteria is a place gathering and symbolizing all the features which characterize with its own endless appeal the world of Maranello.


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Maranello la Caffetteria is a place representing a true marketing operation which takes shape from the intuition and the need to make people enjoy the essence of a unique territory – Maranello – throughout the world. It is not simply a bar but a meeting place, a container of refined style ideas, distinguished by a selection of sophisticated all-Italian design elements, where relaxing, talking, savouring good foods and drinks, reading newspapers or books, listening to music, watching TV or films or live shows, surfing the Internet, etc., always with enthusiasm, curiosity and “real Italian-stylish passion”.


Made in Red S.r.l. Via Giuseppe Farina, 42 41053 Maranello - Modena, Italy Tel. +39 0536 944561 Fax +39 0536 942586

P.IVA IT02633710369 Capitale Sociale Euro 60.000 Iscritta al R.E.A. di Modena
n° MO-318442 del 04/04/2000